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This Is Why We’re Here

About Us


We have travelled throughout the coffee regions of Colombia cupping all types and varieties of Colombian coffees looking for the finest coffee to enjoy and share. We have realized that having a local presence and direct relationships with small farms provided us with first hand access to micro lot coffee and a farm to cup experience. During our travels we were exposed to a new wave of excellent tasting beans and we are excited to introduce our first line of coffee exclusively roasted and packaged for Deportado Coffee in the hills of Sevilla, coffee capital of Colombia.

Amnesty: a medium roast blend of a regional Excelso with a specialty Sudan Rume bean.  The result is a magnificent sweet and floral taste, a unique coffee experience we are delighted to share.

Sombra: a dark roast is a delicious traditional Colombian coffee with a rich flavor profile. 

Fuerza: an espresso roast,  strong and flavorful, with a lovely crema.

our story

Our family is one of hundreds of thousands of families that have been affected by the world-wide immigration crisis. Like many families facing this trauma we lost a lot.  In October of 2018, a member of our family was deported back to Colombia, his country of origin. A life that was fought so hard to build slowly crumbled with the absence of part of our family. We consolidated and sold what we could and asked ourselves how we could give back to our new local communities and build a new life for ourselves.

Sometimes life sends lemons, this time it was coffee beans.

Our response is “Deportado Coffee”, owning our reality and sharing our story to support the larger community that has been so similarly impacted. An opportunity has arisen, and we are up to the challenge. We invite you to order, taste our coffees, and help us to pay it forward.


By working together with our friends at CafexCoop, Deportado Coffee helps support the economic independence of small-scale coffee farmers and sustainable farming practices.